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+# Akonadi Calendar
+Akonadi Calendar is a library that effectively bridges the type-agnostic API of
+the Akonadi client libraries and the domain-specific KCalCore library. It provides
+jobs, models and other helpers to make working with events and calendars through
+Akonadi easier.
+The most notable class is Akonadi::ETMCalendar, a model built on top of the
+Akonadi::EntityTreeModel which provides filters to only show events from selected
+calendars, iterate over events, including recurrences, provides reverse lookup
+from KCalCore::Incidence to Akonadi::Item and other features.
+Besides the model there is for example Akonadi::FreeBusyProviderBase, an interface
+for Akonadi Resources that can provide Free/Busy information.
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-description: Akonadi-Calendar library
+name: akonadi-calendar
+fancyname: Akonadi Calendar
+maintainer: dvratil
+description: Akonadi Calendar library
tier: 3
type: functional
@@ -12,3 +14,7 @@ libraries:
cmake: "KF5::AkonadiCalendar"
cmakename: KF5AkonadiCalendar
+public_lib: true
+group: kdepim
+ - name: Linux